About Us

Candy Survival Kits are a creation of Middlebury Sweets. A candy store located in Middlebury Vermont. Middlebury Sweets is the largest candy store in Vermont which gives us a large array of items to choose from for our kits! Our candy shop has been in business, as the largest candy store in Vermont, since 2011. But we started selling candy in a much smaller scale in 2007! You can say candy is our thing and we cater to the kid in you!

Why candy? Because we like how it makes people smile and helps them bring back childhood memories. It's an endless source of joy and happiness for both young and old. 

When life happens, what better way to make life sweeter then with candy.  We created these kits during the Covid-19 pandemic. These kits were a great way to reach out and let someone know you were thinking of them. They were such a big hit, we decided to keep them going for life's everyday events, celebrations and challenges. Because whether it's a celebration or difficult times, candy always makes it better.