Vermont Can O' Poop - Skunk Poop (Dark Chocolate Peants & Yogurt Peanuts)

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Product Overview

We're getting a little goofy here at Middlebury Sweets! Introducing our "Can O' Poop" line! Fun labeled cans filled with yummy chocolate covered nuts! Vermont Can 'O Poop cans all say - "Good Old Green Mountain Doo!"

Skunk Poop - Our skunk poop can is filled with 1/3 a pound mix of dark chocolate covered peanuts & yogurt peanuts!

Can O' Poop is sure to have you, your friends and your family in stiches! Makes a great gift item! All cans come with a plastic top to protect the lid of the can and an easy open pull back lid.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review